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FTIR Testing ReferencesIf anyone ever doubted that FTIR analysis is a lifetime study, he or she hasn’t scanned a life sciences or chemistry research library lately. With the advent of the Internet, much of what was once only available in print form is now available in an online and digital format as well. Following is a breakdown of what we think to be some of the best resource materials to learn more about FTIR, in particular, and spectroscopy, in general.

FTIR Tutorials

We don’t judge a book by its cover, and we don’t judge a website based on its lack of bells and whistles. We recognize that researchers and technicians are busy being, well, researchers and technicians, so we don’t expect too much in terms of Web design. This simple, one-page website provides links to recommended books available for purchase on These books cover everything from advances in infrared group frequencies to the fundamentals of molecular spectroscopy. An added bonus is the inclusion of a number of Web links to online magazines, articles and tables.

Reference Books & Manuals

Some of the best reference material comes from industry labs within companies who supply our industry with products and services. For example, Sigma Aldrich provides an extensive learning center available on its website. Specifically, they offer an FT-IR Library which is an essential reference for

  • Researchers and technicians in chemistry and biochemistry
  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Teachers and instructors
  • Scientific libraries

In addition, their spectroscopy books cover titles on not only Infrared, Raman and NMR spectroscopy, but also Mass Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy and general Spectrophotometry.

FTIR Software & Database Bundles

Fiveash Data Management provides a complete program for handling Fourier Transform Infrared data with their FTIR software. With more than 30,000 FTIR spectra available, the software is excellent for everyday library searching and offers:

  • A free viewer for infrared data
  • A free search program for FDM FTIR Reference Spectra Databases
  • Easy-to-use complex data manipulations
  • Powerful batch processing automates repetitive tasks
  • Scalability, from teaching lab to on-line process environment
  • Expandability, using the powerful open-source Python programming language
  • Data read and written in industry-standard file formats
  • Data collected directly from supported instruments
  • and more.

Database bundles and a 14-day free library research trial are also available.

Expanding Your Sphere of Influence

It’s been said that knowledge is power. We believe that students and researchers, teachers and scientists have a greater opportunity to expand their knowledge and extend their influence beyond the lab with the resources available today.

Gain a better understanding of How FTIR Spectroscopy Works and learn more with an Overview of FTIR Spectroscopy.

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