5 Reasons to Outsource Your Quality Control Testing

A male and a female scientist conducting quality control testingWhen a product fails a standard quality assurance check, finding the source of the product or quality defect becomes imperative. An explanation for the quality defect must be found before the manufacturing process can proceed. Unexpected product defects may even stall production, so your job is to troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible.

When a product fails QA, and you’re unsure of how the problem occurred, what do you do next, and who do you turn to for help?

Products that fail their initial quality assurance check are then typically subject to quality control testing. Some organizations have an on-site quality control testing lab complete with personal who can help them identify the source of the product defect. However, the lab may be backed up with high priority requests for weeks, or even months! Smaller organizations that don’t have a lab or on-site scientists must use their wits alone to troubleshoot the problem, or send a product sample out for quality control testing to a lab that they’re unfamiliar with.

Developing a relationship with a professional material testing lab can greatly streamline your quality control testing efforts. Here are five key benefits of outsourcing your quality control testing to a professional testing laboratory.

  1. Focus on core business activities Don’t let a quality control issue impede your productivity and stall your operations! When you outsource your quality control testing to a laboratory, you buy yourself back the time you need to get your day-to-day work done. Too often quality issues distract you and your team from your daily work and responsibilities. This results in a loss of productivity and even profit! Don’t let a quality issue stop you from getting your work done. Let the professionals conduct the quality control testing while you continue to do what you do best.
  1. Professional Testing Equipment Many organizations do not have an on-site testing lab, and those that do may not have the sophisticated equipment they need to conduct thorough quality control testing. Professional testing labs own specialized equipment that allows them to analyze a diverse array of samples in a fast and efficient manner. Does your on-site laboratory own equipment regularly used for quality control testing like FTIR or GC/MS analysis?
  1. Experience What does the average day look like for an in-house lab technician at your organization? Chances are that they are involved in a wide array of projects ranging from research and development to technical analysis. Even if they have access to the proper quality control testing equipment for your project, they may not have extensive experience in conducting pragmatic quality control tests. On the other hand, the scientists who work at specialized testing labs spend their entire day, and perhaps their entire career, conducting quality control testing for companies just like yours.
  1. Fast turn-around time Organizations that have on-site labs often end up outsourcing their quality control testing anyway because they need fast results. The scientists who work at your organization are typically juggling multiple projects and diverse responsibilities. Quality control testing is probably not at the top of their priority list. Therefore, quality control testing projects often take a long time to complete. Testing labs like Innovatech Labs conduct quality control testing in as little as five business days. Quick turn-around times eliminate lengthy downtimes spent waiting for lab results.
  1. Get more than a lab report When outsourcing your quality control testing, look for a laboratory that will send you more than just a lab report. Seek out a lab that will allow you to provide context and an objective as well as a sample. At Innovatech Labs, the same person that you contact regarding your unique situation will be the same person conducting the quality control testing. This allows us to better understand our customers’ challenges and business objectives, and find a solution for the problem at hand. We provide personalized reports that will help you find a solution to your problem.

Learn more about our quality control testing services, and how we can help you troubleshoot your unique product quality challenges.

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