Environmental Testing Using Ion Chromatography

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Ion Chromatography and Environmental Testing

Simple, fast and accurate, ion chromatography is often used for materials analysis in the electronic, industrial, biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors, where it is utilized to determine and salt content in foods.

Being exceedingly versatile, ion chromatography can analyze circuit boards to identify deposits that contribute to shortages, examine plastics for residual cleaning agents used in the manufacturing process or test a medical device to discover if any chlorine leached out of a coil. However, the most critical field emerging for ion chromatography is environmental testing.

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How Ion Chromatography is Protecting the Environment

In confronting the impact of industrial pollutants, analysts are finding that ion chromatography has significant advantages over other conventional forms of environmental monitoring due to its wide-ranging applications. The main focus of the application of ion chromatography in environmental analytical chemistry is the qualitative and quantitative analysis of anions and cations to test all types of water for pollution and contaminants.

Water Testing with Ion Chromatography

Determining the presence of cyanide in various water samples is critical,  due to its large scale industrial uses and its extreme toxicity.  In recent years, there has been a shift in the identification methods of water contaminants from microbiological to chemical. The number of chemicals determined in drinking water has grown exponentially. The article states that, “Global and national agencies are continually striving to monitor bromate, chlorite, and chlorate levels in drinking water to establish appropriate regulatory limits.”

All ion chromatography methods used for bromate, chlorite and chlorate analyses have some advantages and disadvantages; nevertheless, at present ion chromatography is the only accepted standard method for their analysis.

Environmental Testing Lab Services

Innovatech Labs, a leading materials analysis lab, uses ion chromatography to identify and quantify the qualities of materials for businesses in a variety of industries. Contact us today to speak to our expert technicians at 1-888-740-LABS (5227) or 763-231-0150.

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    Is it possible to covertly sample & analyze ambient air to identify unknown volatile gases. My apartment filled with noxious chemical gases for 3.5 years. need proof so police will have to investigate.

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