Ion Chromatography Application: Product Cleanliness Testing

Ion Chromatography Product Cleanliness Testing

Testing the cleanliness of a product after the manufacturing process is critical. Confirming a product is free from ionic contaminants insures quality and leads to fewer failures when products ship out to market.

To guarantee the ionic cleanliness of products after manufacturing, a process called Ion Chromatography can be employed. The IC analysis process measures the levels of anions and cations present on a product   to make certain it meets specified requirements

To understand the IC analysis and how it helps products after the manufacturing process, consider the following information:

IC Analysis Process

Ion chromatography or IC separates anions and cations with High Performance Liquid Chromatography. HPLC is the analytical process that validates product cleanliness based on separating the components of a mixture in a solution by selective absorption.

There are 3 modes of separation in this process including:

  • Liquid/liquid
  • Liquid/solid
  • Molecular size

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The typical analysis time is approximately one hour.  This includes setup, analysis and 15 -30 minutes for each sample. Each sample must have the ability to go into solution with compatible solvents to the IC system or the components of interest must extract from the sample.

Some examples of ion chromatography testing include testing circuit boards to identify deposits that can contribute to shortages and testing plastics for residual cleaning agents used in the manufacturing process.

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