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GC/MS Analysis Lab Services

GC/MS Analysis Lab Services | Innovatech LabsDo you need to identify an unknown substance or contaminant on a manufactured product? Are you trying to discover what's causing your product to give off a strange odor? Or are you looking to identify the chemical composition of a specific ingredient or sample?

GC/MS analysis services can help.

GC/MS Applications

  • Identifying and quantifying unknown samples
  • Identifying unknown contaminants
  • Environmental analysis
  • Identifying trace elements in samples
  • Identifying gasses in a sealed environment
  • Identifying residual solvents
  • Identifying odors coming from a product or sample

Contact one of our highly skilled analysts to discuss your GC/MS analysis needs.

What is GC/MS Analysis?

GC/MS analysis, or gas chromatography mass spectrometry, is a materials analysis technique that's used to separate, identify and quantify all the compounds within a sample. GC/MS analysis is an excellent method for QA/QC to ensure quality and safety of manufacturing. GC/MS analysis is especially useful as a quality control measure for manufacturers in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Food and Drink
  • Fragrances
  • Epoxies and other adhesives
  • General Manufacturing
  • Plastics and Plastic Packaging

GC/MS Techniques - Headspace GC

Headspace analysis is conducted in tandem with GC/MS, and is often used to identify residual solvents in or on manufactured goods, identify and quantify volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or identify odd odors exuding from products.

Innovatech Labs uses two different methods of collecting the volatiles for headspace analysis: dynamic headspace and static headspace. Static headspace analysis is ideal for analyzing volatile compounds such as residual solvents or low molecular weight additives.

Innovatech Labs GC/MS Lab Services Details

Innovatech Labs specializes in non-routine lab testing. Below are details on our GC/MS services:

  • Material identification: The mass spectrum of the unknown compound can be searched against our computerized reference library of over 275,000 spectra for identification.
  • Quantification: The concentration of the various compounds in a sample can be quantified by establishing a standard curve of known concentrations of each material.
  • Unique Capabilities: Separates and identifies the components of a mixture, also quantifies known compounds.
  • Typical GC/MS testing time: Approximately 1 hour for an analysis and interpretation of a sample containing relatively few compounds. More complex samples will require additional time for interpretation.

Every project is unique, so contact us today to discuss your specific needs with one of our highly skilled analysts.