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What is FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)?

FTIR Basics

FTIR analysis is an analytical testing technique used to identify organic and some inorganic materials through the application of infrared radiation (IR).

As the sample absorbs the infrared light, the absorbance of energy at the various wavelengths is measured to determine the material's molecular composition and structure. The patterns of absorption bands at the various wavelengths throughout the infrared region (or the FTIR spectrum) are unique to each material. Once the spectrum is produced, computer searches of reference libraries assist in the material's identification.

FTIR has been around for more than a century. Today, it's often the first step in the materials testing process because of its sensitivity, speed and simplicity.

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Learn more about FTIR applications and uses and get the details on How FTIR Works.

FTIR analysis is used to:

  • Identify unknown materials
  • Identify, and in some cases quantify, surface contamination present on a material
  • Identify additives in a polymer; some need to be chemically removed, e. g. solvent extraction

FTIR analysis testing can provide:

  • Precise measurements
  • Analysis with little or no harm to the sample
  • Sample information collection at high speed

Advantages & Disadvantages of FTIR Analysis

Samples as small as 20 microns can be supplied for FTIR analysis using the microscope attachment, and the sample can often be analyzed with little or no harm. The sample requirements allow for identification of sample particles, residues, films, or fibers.

FTIR is a bulk analysis method, so small amounts of one material mixed in with a larger amount of another may not be seen and combinations of unknowns can be difficult to identify. These limitations can be overcome using chemical extractions and/or spectral subtractions to isolate the smaller constituents or individual components of a mixture.

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