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Critical Medical Device Analysis Services

Medical device analysis of a pacemakerTo ensure that your product is compliant with regulations and your design expectations, trust Innovatech Labs as your medical device analysis partner.

Because of what is at stake when implanting a medical device, extensive product testing is needed to ensure your product is safe. Innovatech Labs conducts many medical device analysis services, such as measuring chemical treatment layers, cleanliness testing, and particle counting.

Our analysts can help you understand how the materials and components within your medical device work together to ensure your full understanding of its material specifications. When designing or manufacturing medical devices, the smallest change in components or processes can have a big effect on the product.

Are you experiencing any of these problems or challenges?

  • Are foreign materials appearing on your products or components? Materials characterization testing can help determine the cause of contamination.
  • Is your device experiencing electrical shorts during testing due to ionic contamination? We can identify the contaminants, including residual flux or cleaning agents that are causing the issue.
  • When choosing between new suppliers or vendors do you need to compare samples for consistency or material quality? Our medical device analysis experts can help you.
  • Do you need to evaluate passivation layers or coatings for thickness? We have extensive experience analyzing medical grade alloys and coatings.

Our Approach to Medical Device Analysis

With over 25 years of experience solving medical device analysis issues for manufacturers and suppliers, our material testing lab gives precise results in a customized way that other labs cannot match. Our analysts take a problem-solving approach to give you valuable information beyond the standard lab report. Analytical services used for medical device analysis include:

Specialized Analysis at Innovatech Labs

For more information about the medical device analysis services at Innovatech Labs and how we can help you solve a challenge you may be facing, contact us today.


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