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Analytical Lab Serving Needs Across Many Industries

Analyst evaluating manufacturing processesOne size does not fit all when you look for analytical lab services for your products. You want to work with analysts who have conducted testing on products, materials, and industries similar to yours.

While the R&D, production, or product failure challenge you are facing is new and perhaps baffling to you, Innovatech Labs specializes in non-routine testing to find the solution you need. Our analytical lab also offers reverse engineering services in order to help you compare products from vendors or competitors.

Innovatech Labs' materials testing services include cleanliness testing, failure analysis, quality control and materials composition analysis for most industries. If you need results fast, many of our services can be conducted in as little as five business days - with no extra charge and even faster turnaround times are available with additional charges.

Below are just some of the industries in which we have extensive experience helping customers with their analytical lab and materials testing needs.

  • Medical Device
  • Manufacturing
  • Hard Disk Drive Components
  • Coated Glass
  • Adhesives / Liners
  • Plastics - Thermoform and Injection Molding
  • Inks

When you choose Innovatech Labs, you will work with analysts who have decades of hands on testing experience in many industries. Our analysts take a problem-solution approach to helping clients, and can offer you their expertise and insights in addition to analytical services.

To find an analytical lab with expert analysts who can deliver the most value and service to your organization, contact us now.