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Ion Chromatography (IC) Testing Used to Validate Cleaning Process on Plastic Components

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Technique Used: Ion Chromatography (IC) testing

A manufacturer of plastic components needed to verify that the Liqui-Nox cleaning agent used on their plastic parts was being completely removed prior to shipment. After verifying a validation procedure with the makers of Liqui-Nox, Innovatech Labs performed the following IC testing method for the client. The parts were extracted in 80 °C deionized (DI) water for one hour. Afterwards, an aliquot of the water extract was analyzed using ion chromatography. The concentration of Liqui-Nox was determined by making standards of Liqui-Nox in DI water. Figure 1 shows a standard curve of the concentration of Liqui-Nox versus the response of the potassium ion. The ion chromatogram of one of the extracted parts is shown in Figure 2. The concentration of Liqui-Nox on this part was 4.37 pm.


Cleaning Process on Plastic Components IC Testing Graph

Figure 1. Potassium response versus Liqui-Nox concentration.


Chromatogram of extracted part

Figure 2. Chromatogram of extracted part.


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