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Analytical Testing Services Solve Disruptive Challenges

A female scientist conducting Analytical TestingAn analytical testing lab like Innovatech Labs will give you more than a standard issue lab report. Our analysts have years of experience solving problems in a variety of industries and settings, and will work directly with you to troubleshoot your materials analysis challenges.

Analytical testing services from Innovatech Labs help our clients find a cause and solution to many production and chemical issues. When you work with us, your contact person will also be the primary testing analyst for your project, so you will get all of the information straight from the source.

We work with clients from many industries, ranging from hard drive components, to polymers, to passivated metal surfaces; from stents to stadium seats. Each client has unique needs and requirements. Here are some ways we can meet your analytical testing needs:

  • Need to verify the quality of a product from a new vendor? Our analysts can reverse engineer products to ensure consistency.
  • Have you observed cracks or haze on a polymer that requires expert analysis? We have the analytical techniques to identify material problems with processes and mixtures.
  • Do residual materials or stains need to be identified in your products or components? Analytical testing can be used to characterize and quantify contaminants.

Issues like these are critical to business and deserve to be analyzed by experts who know how to conduct non-routine analytical testing. Analysts at Innovatech Labs have been solving issues for clients of all sizes for years.

Learn more about some of the services we offer:

Analytical Testing Delivers Solutions

When you can't find the answers you need with your internal testing resources, look to the analytical testing experts from Innovatech Labs for help. Our analysts are not just capable and experienced, they are proud of their ability to find solutions for our clients.

We provide more value in a shorter time period than our competitors, in addition to having the best customer service available. If you need an out of the box analytical testing solution with a quick turnaround time, look to Innovatech Labs for help. Contact us to start talking to one of our analysts right away.