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About Innovatech Labs Testing Services

Innovatech Labs is an independent, analytical laboratory that specializes in personalized lab testing services, rapid turnaround times and innovative approaches to materials analyses.  Established in 1990, Innovatech Labs offers a broad range of analytical lab testing techniques. From solving complex problems to routine quality control testing, our staff of scientists have years of experience in materials analysis.  Our commitment is to finding the answers to your materials analysis questions.

Gary Smith, Owner & President, Innovatech Labs

Gary Smith, PhD.

Owner & President
Gary has over 25 years of experience in surface analysis and materials characterization. He started with Innovatech Labs in 1991 and became the owner and president of the laboratory in 1998. Besides the administrative work, Gary still maintains and operates the surface analysis equipment in the laboratory.

In his spare time, Gary enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with his two cats - Mingo and Rufus. Gary is also an avid Minnesota Twins baseball fan and has followed them for over 35 years.

Jennifer Mathias, Lab Manager, Innovatech Labs Jennifer Mathias
Lab Manager

Jennifer has been working with materials characterization since completing a BS degree with a double major in Biology and Chemistry. She has been with Innovatech Labs since 1993. In addition to analytical work, she is in charge of most of the sales and marketing duties here.

Away from work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband and 5 year old daughter at their hobby farm. With over 16 animals (including 2 mischievous potbellied pigs named Jimmy Dean & Piggy Sue), there is always something happening there.

Matthew Adams, Analytical Chemist, Innovatech Labs Matthew Adams
Analytical Chemist

Matthew has been with Innovatech Labs since 1999 where he primarily does GC/MS analyses and oversees most of the cleanliness testing projects.   He graduated from Montana State University-Bozeman with a BS degree in Biology in 1997 and is forever living on " Montana time".

When not in the lab coat and goggles, Matthew enjoys sharing time with his son, hanging out with family and friends, playing basketball and relishing the fruits of his labor in becoming a recent homeowner.

James Ruud, Analytical Chemist, Innovatech Labs

James Ruud

Analytical Chemist
Jim has been working as an analytical chemist since well into the last millennium. He has worked in Fortune 500 companies and in small independent labs and enjoys the challenges and rewards each provides. His main focus has been in infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis (DSC, TGA), chromatography (mainly GPC) and wet chemical analysis as they pertain to polymer and thin film analysis.

When not at work he enjoys seeing his children, entertaining his grandchildren, cooking, studying, listening to music and playing the piano. He lives in pastoral Belle Plaine, a protourban community, located on the Minnesota River.

Jordan Woldu, Analytical Chemist, Innovatech Labs

Jordan Woldu

Analytical Chemist
Jordan has been working as analytical chemist in materials characterization and developing methods since completing a BS degree in Chemistry with Physics minor and strong Mathematical background. She has a wealth of experience with spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques. She has past work experience in Academics, Pharmaceuticals and Semiconductors. She enjoys the challenges and rewards of her work that have led to publications in chemical journals and a patent. Currently she is involved with IC and LPC analysis.

Away from work, Jordan enjoys espresso coffee with family members and friends. She loves reading, studying, playing chess, listening to instrumental and opera music and most of all helping people. She spends 60 hrs a month in voluntary work. She lives by the golden rule "treat other people as you want be treated" and helps others to apply it in their lives.


Kathleen Bertsch

Office Manager
Kathleen joined Innovatech Labs in 2006. She attended Moorhead State University and has been working in the administrative business field since 2000.

Away from work, Kathleen enjoys spending time with family and friends, baking, going up north, fishing & attending sporting events.