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Forensic Fiber Testing Uses FTIR Techniques to Reveal Foreign Fibers

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FTIR Application Case Study: Medical Device Fiber Analysis

A medical device company submitted a sample of fibers that were found in their plastic packaging trays. The particular medical device contained a critical valve that would not operate correctly, if fibers were to enter into it.

FTIR testing, using a microscope attachment, was employed for the fiber testing.. With the microscope attachment, samples as small as 10 microns can be analyzed. This allows for quick and cost-effective identification of the fibers.

Step 1: The unknown fiber was identified by searching the spectrum against a database of reference spectra.

Step 2: The FTIR testing produced a spectrum that identified the fiber as being a cellulose-based cardboard. The medical device company traced the fibers back to cardboard dividers that were being used in their processing line.

Step 3: As a result of the FTIR testing, they replaced the cardboard dividers with polymer based dividers that would not produce any fibers.


Innovatech Labs is a materials characterization contract laboratory. We provide manufacturing support and FTIR testing to companies that need to verify the cleanliness of their outgoing product or incoming shipments.

Whether verifying that a production line is devoid of potentially detrimental fibers or other particulates present on a material, we're happy to assist you with fiber testing or any of our wide range of FTIR analysis and testing and cleanliness-testing techniques.

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