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FTIR Testing Application: Determining Presence of Acrylic Additive in Concrete

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Technique Used: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR Analysis)

A concrete sample was submitted for testing to determine whether it contained a water soluble acylic (latex) additive. A portion of the sample was immersed in acidified water and then rinsed with deionized water. Some small pieces floated to the top of the water. This floating material was dried and then pressed into a thin film to be analyzed by FTIR testing. The resultant FTIR spectrum was compared to a library of FTIR reference spectra.

The figure below compares the sample spectrum to a reference spectrum of a water soluble acrylic polymer.


Determination of Presence of Acrylic in Concrete Graph / Determination of Presence of Acrylic in Concrete Graph

Reference Spectrum of Absoluble Acrylic

Figure 1: FTIR spectrum of sample (top) and reference spectrum of asoluble acrylic (bottom).


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