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Material Testing Lab Services

Innovatech Labs Material Testing Lab ServicesInnovatech Labs offers a broad range of analytical techniques in our material testing lab, all available with rapid turnaround times, including:

Innovatech Labs performs materials analysis services including:

Manufacturing Support

We have experience in a wide range of industries including: adhesives, computer hard drives, electronics, metallurgy, polymers, paper, coated glasses, and ceramics. Let Innovatech help you with contamination issues in your process line, field failures, or reverse engineering.

Cleanliness Testing

Demonstrate your dedication to the quality of your products with cleanliness testing from Innovatech. Cleanliness testing is critical to suppliers in the biomedical device and computer hard drive industries. We are correlated to perform materials analysis and testing for computer hard drive manufacturers.

Materials Characterization

Testing for contaminants either on your product or on incoming supply, and reverse engineering are all accomplished with our wide range of analytical techniques such as FTIR testing, GC/MS analysis, ion chromatography, ESCA, AUGER and Liquid Particle Counting.

Failure Analysis

Delaminating layers, products breaking when they shouldn't, discolored surfaces, strange odors, corrosion issues and more. Sound familiar? Submit a product or sample today and identify the cause of product failure.

Quality Control

Ensuring the quality of your outgoing products is a huge responsibility. Innovatech Labs can help maintain and resolve quality control issues. From cleanliness to staining, materials analysis techniques can help identify and answer questions regarding quality control issues. Our rapid turnaround times (typically 5 business days or less) ensure prompt shipment of your product – no more long waits for testing results. Outgassing studies, particle counting, cleanliness testing and more all done in 5 business days or less!

Innovatech Labs is a contract material testing lab specializing in materials characterization. Our rapid turnaround times eliminate lengthy downtimes waiting for lab results for our customers in manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being our customer's first resource for analytical testing lab services. We will help you decide which analytical technique best suits your needs. If we don't have that technique in house, we will help you locate a lab that does.

Contact our material testing lab today to schedule an appointment for your analytical testing needs.